ENDLESS: Fantasy Tactics

A Tactical Fantasy Miniatures game played on a grid, inspired by console RPGs of the 80s & 90s.


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22nd Apr2014

The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Rune Fencer

While the Elves ruled the world, the Rune Fencers were the icons of resistance. With their runeblades, the Fencers could travel undetected by Elven Mage Stalkers, giving...

21st Apr2014

Endless: Fantasy Tactics Rulebook back in POD

We've updated the print files for the Endless Rulebook and re-enabled the print ability over at WargameVault. This update features additional art, and the comma fixes in...

20th Apr2014

The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Kappa

One of the earliest forms of life created by the Water Trolls, the Kappa have not developed beyond a stone age society. Their tribal units are ruled...

18th Apr2014

The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Mandragora

Once considered a plague by the High Elves, Mandragora are semi-sentient plants that live in the jungles of Arganea. Numerous magical experiments were undertaken to study these...

16th Apr2014

The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Lunarian

Introduced to the world by Summoners, Lunarians are theorized to be denizens of Terra’s Moons. These rabbit-like humanoids remain completely covered by their clothing, and no one...

14th Apr2014

The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Barghest

Indigenous to Zeutenheim’s mountainous regions, the Barghest has been trained over the centuries as a guard and tracking animal. Members of the species in the wild continue...

29th Mar2014

The Miasma War – Endless: Fantasy Tactics… Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, We’re really excited to announce our next big project: The Miasma War, the first Expansion for Endless Fantasy Tactics. This 140 page book will be...

18th Mar2014

Adepticon & Sakuracon

Adepticon is quickly approching, we'll be at the Secret Weapon Miniatures Booth #14 in the Grand Ballroom. Demos for both Brushfire & Endless: Fantasy Tactics will be...

26th Feb2014

Crucible Orlando

We will be demoing & vending Endless this weekend at Crucible Orlando! http://crucibleorlando.com/

01st Feb2014

Closed for Templecon

We're attending Templecon in Warwick, RI and will be out of the office between Febuary 4th and Febuary 14th.