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ENDLESS: Fantasy Tactics

A Tactical Fantasy Miniatures game played on a grid, inspired by console RPGs of the 80s & 90s.


Head over to the shop for a wide selection of Endless: Fantasy Tactics miniatures

The Misadventures of Gelato – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

Pay What You Want (Including Free!) DLC for Endless: Fantasy Tactics

The Miasma War – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

A Campaign Expansion for Endless: Fantasy Tactics

01st Feb2016

Geomancer Terrain Instructions

We’ve gotten a number of requests for proper instructions on how to build our Geomancer Modular Terrain System, and are happy to announce they are finally available....

28th Oct2015
Spritely Nina

Halloween 2015 – New Miniature & Sale

Halloween is almost here, and we’re happy to announce this year’s release: Spritely Nina! A new rival to the Vikingers, she’ll have her unit profile included in...

02nd Oct2015

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Rules Now Free!

You can now download the full rules for Endless: Fantasy Tactics for free via WargameVault. This digest format rulebook is included in the Endless Beginner Box and...

18th Sep2015

Anime Weekend Atlanta – September 24th-27th

We will be at Anime Weekend Atlanta next weekend, stop by booth #340 for Endless: Fantasy Tactics demos and goods.

27th Jul2015

Convention & Webshop Promotion – Vial of Blood

Starting July 27th, 2015 for every $50 spent at our booth or in our webshop, you will receive 1* “Vial of Blood” Item Card for Endless: Fantasy...

27th Jul2015
Endless: Fantasy Tactics - Beginner Box

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Beginner Box

Preorder Now! The Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Beginner Box is now available for Preorder. This box is a great means for new players to get started with...

14th Jul2015

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – The Miasma War | Now Available in Print!

The Miasma War campaign expansion for Endless: Fantasy Tactics is now available in print! You can get it through WargameVault’s print system (with the PDF), or from...

13th Jul2015

Gen Con – July 30th – Aug 2nd

Gen Con is only about two weeks away! We will be in the exhibitor hall at Booth #936 alongside Scale 75.   This year we’ll be joined...

02nd Jul2015

Fireworks Sale – Save 10% – Ends Sunday

Save 10% on all purchases in our webshop with the code ‘Fireworks’. This sale ends Sunday, July 5th.

16th Jun2015

Limited Edition “Misty May” from Otaku no Video

We are happy to announce that On The Lamb Games is teaming up with AnimEigo and Studio Gainax to bring out a limited edition miniature of Misty...