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ENDLESS: Fantasy Tactics

A Tactical Fantasy Miniatures game played on a grid, inspired by console RPGs of the 80s & 90s.


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The Trials of Battsu – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

Free DLC for Endless: Fantasy Tactics

The Miasma War – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

A Campaign Expansion for Endless: FantasyTactics – Coming Soon!


A fantasy skirmish game featuring anthropomorphic characters in a historical parody setting.

19th Aug2014

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Copper Best Seller on WargameVault

The Endless: Fantasy Tactics Rulebook has reached 'Copper Best Seller' status on WargameVault! Make sure to order your copy today!  

02nd Aug2014

Visiting Hours 8/2/2014 – Battsu VS Boss Dozz

A new challenge has been added to the Trials of Battsu PDF, introducing Battsu's eternal rival, the Beastman Dozz. The PDF also uses the Advance System, introduced...

25th Jul2014
2014-07-25 13.28.44-2

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Now in Hardcover

We're happy to announce that the Endless: Fantasy Tactics Rulebook is now avaliable in Hardcover! You can currently order a Hardcover copy from WargameVault, and in a...

19th Jul2014

Visiting Hours 7/19/2014 – Battsu VS 100 Elves

These will be a series of Challenges that tell the story of Battsu, the Green Swordsman. Each will be designed to test your tactical skill and place...

05th Jul2014

Visiting Hours – Brushfire: Deportes-Pelota

In the vague spirit of the season of the World Cup, We wanted to do something special for Brushfire. A new game mode, designed loosely on the...

20th Jun2014

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Summer Sale

Save 20% on All Endless: Fantasy Tactics Models & the Rulebook, just use the code "Summer" when checking out in the webshop.

24th May2014

The Miasma War – Final Day

There are only a few hours left until the end of the Miasma War Kickstarter campaign! It ends tonight at 10pm EST, make sure to get your...

20th May2014
Chain Design Fin

The Miasma War – Chain, The Heroine of Time – UNLOCKED!

For reaching the base goal we've got a secret character unlocked. In Endless' storyline, the character named Chain has died and been reborn thousands of times over...

19th May2014

The Miasma War – Goal Reached, 5 Days Remain!

The Base Goal for the MiasmaWar has been reached! We still have another 5 days to go for stretch goals. The Base Goal covers the sculpts for...

14th May2014

The Miasma War – Changes to the Base Goal

After a night of poll watching, internal discussion, math crunching, budget changing, and calling in of favors… we have reached a decision. Changes to the Base Goal...