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Gaiden Series – Kickstarter Now Live!

New Models, New Units, New DLC!

ENDLESS: Fantasy Tactics

A Tactical Fantasy Miniatures game played on a grid, inspired by console RPGs of the 80s & 90s.


Head over to the shop for a wide selection of Endless: Fantasy Tactics & Brushfire miniatures

The Misadventures of Gelato – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

Pay What You Want (Including Free!) DLC for Endless: Fantasy Tactics

The Miasma War – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

A Campaign Expansion for Endless: FantasyTactics – Coming Soon!

23rd May2015

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Gaiden Kickstarter @ 100%

We’ve reached 100% funding! The Dark & Light Dragons, Kirin, and Behemoth are now funded and we can work towards stretch goals. Our first stretch goal, at...

22nd May2015

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – Gaiden Series Kickstarter – Now Live!

The Endless: Fantasy Tactics ~Gaiden Series~ Kickstarter is now live! Our base goal covers the costs of sculpting and casting several new miniatures including the Dark and...

17th May2015

Gen Con 2015 Events – Endless: Fantasy Tactics

Its that time of year! Gen Con is rapidly approaching and we’re going to have a few events during the show for Endless: Fantasy Tactics. Click Here...

15th May2015

Pre-USPS price increase sale ends tomorrow!

Our 10% discount ends tomorrow, May 16th! Make sure to get your order in before then and take advantage of our current lower shipping rates. Use the...

06th May2015

Pre-USPS Rate Increase Sale

USPS Rates are going up at the end of the month, so we will be increasing our Flat Rate shipping to $10 and our Free Shipping amount...

03rd May2015

Geomancer Assembly Video

We’ve created a short video to demonstrate how to assemble our Geomancer Modular Terrain kits for Endless: Fantasy Tactics. Purchase Geomancer Kits in our Online Store, or...

27th Apr2015

Endless: Fantasy Tactics – ~Gaiden~ Kickstarter

On May 22nd Endless: Fantasy Tactics will be returning to Kickstarter to bring out new models, new units, and new scenarios. Here is a preview of some...

19th Apr2015

Upcoming Endless: Fantasy Tactics Releases

May Releases for Endless: Fantasy Tactics Gelito Gelato (Character)   The Endless: Fantasy Tactics ~Gaiden~ Kickstarter will also be launching in May.

25th Feb2015

Upcoming Endless: Fantasy Tactics Releases

We are happy to announce that the Miasma War Kickstarter funded miniatures are now available for preorder. We will be finalizing shipping of the Kickstarter in the...

26th Nov2014

Brushfire Clearance

We will be holding a clearance for the remaining stock of Brushfire figures. This is a mix of metal and resin figures and supplies won’t last long....